Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 3 Motherboard Review


We’ve recently changed how we test overclocking performance. With newer BIOS and software becoming increasingly more capable of doing overclocking, it seems pertinent to also include those results.

Overclocking – Software

Gigabyte’ own EasyTune took care of the overclocking duties here via its AutoTuning program. There are no real options to choose from, just click the button and let the program to its work.

AutoTuning automatically overclocked our Core i7 7740K to 5 GHz (50 x 100 MHz ). This was spot on for what we expected and completely.

Overclocking – Manual

Once the default settings were in, it was now time to see how high I could push the CPU with our water cooling system and have it still be 100% stable. All cores and Hyperthreading were still enabled. The memory was left at XMP default, the Line Load Calibration was changed from setting 1 to setting 7, EZ System Tuning (system power consumption profile) was set to Performance, and the fans were set to maximum.

We managed to squeeze a stable 5 GHz out of our Core i7 7700K with theX299 Aorus Gaming 3, but with a more reasonable voltage. Higher clocks can easily be achieved, but CPU temperature is usually the limiting factor, which was the case here given that testing was done during a heat wave.

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