Gigabyte X570 AORUS Pro WIFI Motherboard Review


Now that we have completed all our stock testing, let’s see how the X570 AORUS Pro WIFI handles pushing our 3900X to its limits. Below is our stock settings for both the 3900X and G.Skill memory:

This will be my first time overclocking a Ryzen 3rd generation chip, but after some research the consensus was that most chips should hit 4.2 GHz on all cores and better-than-average chips could get 4.3 GHz. After a few hours of testing various speeds and voltages, the max my 3900x could go was 4.275 GHz with a vCore of 1.425v. Now that I got my CPU dialed in, I went ahead and overclocked my memory to 3600MHz with no chance needed on the stock voltage. I was happy to see the AORUS Pro WIFI and my memory kit were able to hit these speeds, as in my research, I found that 3600MHz is the sweet spot for 3rd generation Ryzen.

Now that we have a stable overclock on our CPU and memory, let’s see how much additional performance we were able to get out of our system.

In AIDA64 we see an increase between 8-11% in write/read/copy performance with a slightly better latency of 69.9ns.

In Cinebench, we score an impressive 3317 which is 213 points above our stock score.

In Time Spy, we improved our CPU score by an impressive 1008-points and our combined score by 76-points.

In Super PI we were able to beat our previous score by 14.5 seconds.

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