Gigabyte XM300 Gaming Mouse Review


When shopping for peripherals, one can get overwhelmed. There are so many brands on the market that making a decision is difficult at times. One of the first things I look at is the name on the package. Is this a name I’ve heard of before? One of the best known names to gamers and enthusiasts alike, is Gigabyte. Gigabyte is synonymous with high quality. Their Ultra Durable motherboards are some of the best on the market. Their G1 Gaming 980 ti is currently the fastest 980 ti on the market. However, can their hold of the market reach beyond just motherboards and graphics cards? We recently were given the opportunity to test out the XM300 gaming mouse from Gigabyte. Being a Gigabyte product, I expect nothing but the best from a company with such a great reputation. Will the XM300 meet or even exceed our expectations? Let’s find out!

About Gigabyte

Originally founded in 1986 as GIGABYTE Technology group, they started out as a small research and development team. Gigabyte now enjoys its place as one of the industry’s top motherboard and graphics card manufacturers. Thanks to innovative design and patented technology, they hold a number of overclocking world titles. In 2015 their X99 SOC Force motherboard broke 9 overclocking world records prior to its launch at CES 2015. GIGABYTE has further expanded its product line to include laptops and desktop PCs, and computer peripherals. All which they hold to the high standard expected of the Gigabyte name.

Here’s a product preview video from Gigabyte.

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