Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review


We’ll start in the BIOS and use one of the ‘CPU upgrade’ profiles to take out i7-8700K to 5.0GHz.

As advertised, The BIOS profile was quite happy to run our new 6 core CPU at 5 GHz.

We flipped back to the BIOS and nudged the multiplier up one more notch for a total of 5.1 GHz giving us the best Cinebench score we’ve gotten yet on this i7-8700K.

Just for amusement, we pushed a little harder and got a stable 5.2 GHz, but out benchmark scores dipped a bit from 5.1GHz, likely due to internal throttling. Still, 6 cores at 5.2 GHz is pretty awesome wouldn’t you say?

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