Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Gigabyte’s Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming was a lot of fun to play with for this review. We had some minor issues with our ram, but we aren’t sure if it’s just an incompatibility with our GeIL EVO Spear ram or something a BIOS update would fix. Even with a hit to ram performance, the Ultra Gaming still fought its way into the middle of our benchmark runs, and with the ram running at full tilt, it could easily sit at the top of the chart. Overclocking went really well, we were able to hit out best clock speed yet on the Core i7-8700k at 5.2 GHz, but we hit our best Cinebench run at 5.1 GHz. The lower than expected ram scoring is a bit odd, but its likely an easy fix with an update, so we won’t hold that against this board right now, but instead, we’ll come back after launch and see what has changed.

Strong performance, killer looks, and the Aorus pedigree makes this a compelling reason to upgrade your system, even if you don’t need the power. The ability to push 6 cores to speeds previous quad cores struggled with is amazing in and of itself, but given the extra cores, we see performance numbers close to last generations HEDT platform. Is it worth upgrading from a 7th generation CPU and board? That’s really for you to decide, but if you are a power user, game streamer or extreme multi-tasker, that answer is a pretty clear ‘YES’. Great job Gigabyte!




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