Gigabyte Z370XP SLI Motherboard Review



At stock, Intel’s i7-8700K can turbo up to 4.7Ghz, but with all 6 cores under full load, it will only climb to 4.4 GHz max. Our ram is rated for 3200MHz at the above settings.

We’ll first attempt an overclock via Gigabyte’s own Easy Tune software that can be accessed from the App Center like everything else.

We’ll click AutoTuning and then kind of blow passed the warning that overclocking is bad and might void your warranty and blow your stuff up, etc. etc. There are a ton of safeguards built in these days that make it very difficult to damage hardware, so there is only a little worry here.

You have 30 seconds to save and close out of everything if needed. If not, hit continue and reboot now.

As soon as it comes back up, we see it cranked all 6 cores to 4.9Ghz.

CPU-Z confirms the new clock speed.

With a little tuning by hand, we continue on up to 5.1GHz across all 6 cores.

We also get the memory up a bit to 3466Mhz, but by default, the Z370XP SLI relaxes timings on its own, when we tightened them back up to XMP settings, we couldn’t boot. I guess we’ll see what happens here.

The impact on memory performance is immediately noticeable, jumping from upper 30GB/s to nearly 50GB/s with latency dropping from almost 61ns to ~53ns.

Our CPU performance has taken quite the leap as well moving up nearly 250 points from the stock 1297cb.

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