Gigabyte Z370XP SLI Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


Gigabyte set out to make an affordable platform that would last the test of time. While we don’t have years to run this, out past Ultra Durable boards are doing well, so there is little reason to suspect the careful selection of quality components and such won’t last here. There are a small number of frills like the RGB header and the Rear I/O Cover that is quite nice, but by and large, you get what you need without all the expensive fluff most ‘gaming’ boards have.

Performance didn’t break any records, but it was solid and predictable, and that just may be what someone is looking for over something more high-strung and shorter lived. The black, white and grey color scheme has some flair but is neutral enough to blend into most builds. With the barrage of RGB everything recently, we’re kind of relieved not to be met with a disco the second you hit the power button. While there IS technically RGB capabilities, you only get a selection of 7 colors from the onboard header, and a simple on or off to the red lighting around the audio area.  Plenty of USB ports, SATA ports and a pair of M.2 slots give good expansion capabilities, as does the plethora of PCIe slots.

Our only small complaint is the form factor, or perhaps lack thereof. It says ATX but doesn’t quite reach the final row of standoffs in any case. It does cantilever over quite a bit from what is traditionally the middle row and this causes quite a bit of uncomfortable flex when plugging or unplugging the 24-pin power which takes a fair amount of force to insert or remove. You won’t be doing this very often, so we won’t really mark off points for it, but be careful to have your PSU unplugged from the wall when plugging in the 24-pin least you flex the board enough it contacts the metal case behind it and trips short circuit protection on your power supply.

Good job Gigabyte!


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