Gudsen MOZA Air 2 DSLR and Pocket Cinema Camera Gimble Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The packaging for the Moza Air 2 has the Moza logo printed on the top left-hand corner. There is a large image of the Moza Air 2 with a camera mounted to it, slightly off-centered to the left on the front of the box as well. On the bottom right, you have the Moza Air 2 branding with the words “Professional Camera Stabilization System” printed below.

On the back, there is a label that depicts 15 cameras that are compatible with the Moza Air 2. Some of these cameras include Canon 5D Mark IV, Panasonic Lumix GH5, Nikon D859, The Sony A9, and the camera featured in this review, The Sony A7III to name a few. There is also the UPC code on this label as well as the Gusden Technology website,, the makers of Moza Air 2.

The box to the Moza Air 2 is for little more than just show. Inside, there is a carrying case that the Moza Air 2 is stored in. This rectangle briefcase-style carrying case is a vast improvement over the already great case that the original Moza Air came in.

Here is are the cases for both the Moza Air and the Moza Air 2. The original Moza Air’s case was more of a square design as well as a hard case. The case for the Moza Air 2 has a more rectangular design and is made up of much softer material.

The interior of the case for the Moza Air is lined with soft foam. Each component of the Moza Air has a cut out on the foam so it can be stored easily when not in use. Although I do like soft foam. The foam in the case for the Moza Air can be easily torn. This issue was however addressed with the Moza Air 2.

The case for the Moza Air 2 is made out of a softer plastic that has a slightly padded feel to it. It offers plenty of protection for general travel and for carrying it around. I do feel as if the case for the Moza Air is better suited for say an accidental drop from a decent height. However, this was not tested in this review.

At first opening the case to the Moza Air 2, the interior design has gotten a complete overhaul since the launch of the original Moza Air. The Case for the Moza Air 2 has a far better aesthetic design, as well as a more functional design as well.

Under the lid, there are several compartments that are secured by a zipper. Each compartment is designed for a different component of the Moza Air 2. From left to right, the first compartment holds the battery charger, support rod, riser plate, quick release plate, lens gear right and even a spot for the user manual.

There is a divider that helps to hold the gimbal itself in place. The divider is held down with Velcro. On the underside of the divider is the most durable bubble wrap ever constructed. There are air bubbles covers in a felt-like material that provides even more protection when the gimbal is packed away.

Under the lid, every component has its home in the Moza Air 2 carrying case. The packing material feels like a very firm memory foam, covered with a material that feels similar to nylon. Again, going from left to right, the first spot in our sample came with a lens wipe. However, there are other models that come with a focus motor for your lens. The next spot is the largest and holds the Moza Air 2 gimbal. Just above the gimbal is the quick release baseplate. To the right of the baseplate are the lithium-ion batteries and a small leather case packed on top of the batteries. This case holds adapters for every compatible camera. At the bottom right-hand corner is the Moza Tripod.

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