Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 240 Radiator Review


Hardware Labs Performance Systems, Inc., is a pioneer in the computer watercooling industry. HWLabs was the first company to develop and manufacture the first radiators specifically designed for PC watercooling and is still the de facto benchmark in the business.

Their core philosophy remains to be the relentless pursuit of performance in the heat exchange industry, pushing the limits of design and engineering to provide our fellow enthusiasts and the industry with class-leading products and services.

Today we are taking a look at one of Hardware Labs newest products, Black Ice SR2 240. The Black Ice SR2 is a continuation of the original SR1 line. Featuring a massive 60mm thickness and a carbon black finish, it is hard to miss. Sculpted sides and a unique end tank design set it apart from the crowded radiator market.

Hardware Labs’s take on the Black Ice SR2 240

The Black Ice® SR2™ delivers the next level in ultra-stealth PC radiator performance. The new Black Ice® SR2-240 uses the same ultra-stealth optimized Black Ice® SR2™ compact Xtreme+ core design in a dual-120mm fan form factor. This gives performance enthusiasts a high flow, acoustically balanced and scalable PC radiator platform.

  • 120 mm x 2 fan Xtreme+ form factor 3-row radiator
  • 278mm x 133mm x 60mm (L x W x H)
  • 9 FPI 45 Micron Copper Fins
  • Optimized for sub-800 rpm ultra-stealth fans
  • Supercruise™ optimizations for scalable performance with higher speed fans
  • 50% more tubing area than the Black Ice® SR1-240
  • Increased internal coolant flow rates optimized for multi-stage cooling configurations
  • Standard G 1/4″ inlet/outlet fittings
  • Standard M4 mounting threads
  • Compatible with Black Ice® Xtreme 2, Black Ice® GTX® 240 and Black Ice® SR1® 240 radiators
  • Custom Black Carbon™ high quality finish
  • Fully ROHS Compliant
  • 100% Made from conflict-free materials
  • Industry standard Black Ice® quality
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects


Let’s take a closer look on the next page.

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6 years ago

Black Ice Rads
Good review Heath, thanks !