Haste XL Gaming Mousemat Review

If you are like me you waited way too long to upgrade from a 90’s mousepad to a full-blown placemat at your PC setup. Gone are the days of your parents asking you to set the table with placemats for dinner, it is now time to set your desk up with a mousemat. Tecware has introduced a brand new RGB mousemat titled the Haste RGB Mousemat. The Haste Mousemat is just the thing to push you over the edge of throwing out your old 6’ by 6’ vaporwave mousepad and upgrade to something that actually improves your gameplay. 

Haste Logo on the corner of the Haste XL Gaming Mousemat

The Haste XL Mousemat is exactly that. It is XL, huge. This thing reminded me of the state of Illinois. However, this will give you plenty of room to put pretty much anything you’d like on your mat. I would recommend a mouse and keyboard for starters.

Haste XL Mousemat Specs

  • High-Density Smooth Fabric
  • Precision Optimized
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base
  • Edge-stitched frame
  • Water Resistant Surface
  • RGB Illumination around edges
  • 10 Preset lighting effects
  • Braided Micro USB Cable

Haste XL Gaming Mousemat Rolled Up

Setting Up The Haste XL Mousemat

When you first take the Mousemat out of the box you’ll simply find the mat and a cable to plug the mat into your PC for the RGB. That is really it for the unboxing portion as they don’t beat around the bush. This is just a mat after all. No extras not that you should expect extras when ordering a Mousemat. When you set up a mousemat of any kind you should make sure the surrounding area is clean. If you have a monitor or speakers with a big base I would recommend moving them out of the way so they can sit atop the mat. Next, place your keyboard and mouse on the mat in the desired location. The Haste is big enough to where you can have enough room for pretty much any size keyboard and mouse. The last thing you’ll want to do is plug the braided micro-USB into the back of the mousemat and into your PC. You will then be greeted with a light show. The lights around the mousemat will light up in a default RGB fashion. From there you are all set up and ready to game!

Putting It To The Test

Right away you will notice just how nice the fabric is on top of the Haste Mousemat. Your mouse will glide across it with no hiccups. The rubber base also helps the Haste stay in place and this is a great feature because nothing is worse than a mousepad that won’t stay in place. A large amount of room on the mousemat will give you plenty of options for how you want to set things up. I typically put my keyboard on the left-most edge so I can leave my mouse with plenty of room on the right. 

Angled photo of Haste XL Mousemat Rolled Up

Tecware boasts the water resistance on the Haste and I must say I “accidentally” put this to the test. I try my hardest to keep drinks away from my PC but sometimes I slip up and a few end up there. I don’t recommend this. Next thing you know my Wendy’s cup started to cry through condensation and the Haste XL Mousemat was a goner. At least I thought it was. I grabbed some paper towels to clean up the condensation and to my surprise, the water came right off with no stain left behind. It wasn’t even wet where the cup had been. I was shocked so I tested it on purpose this time. I could literally push the water right off. It reminds me of when you put a fresh coat of rain-x on your car windshield and it starts raining. This is an amazing feature for gamers who have the bad habit of keeping drinks by their PC. This is also a great feature because it makes the lifespan of the mat much longer. Many other mousemats could’ve been ruined by a small bit of condensation. 

Water Drops on Top of Haste XL Gaming Mousemat demonstrating water resistance

RGB Illumination

The Haste XL isn’t the only Mousemat that Tecware offers. It is, however, one of their more high-end Mousemats and this is mostly because of the built-in RGB lights that surround the mousemat. The RGB lights are a nice touch on the mousemat. It certainly isn’t the first time I’ve seen it done but it definitely doesn’t take away from the form factor of the mousemat as I’ve seen in other products. My only complaint about the RGB lights is the etching along the sides of it to keep it from falling apart. While I see that it is necessary the etching can certainly be irritating as you are rubbing up against it for hours on end. This isn’t a huge problem but if you have irritative skin it can become a real issue. I don’t have irritative skin and I started to notice discomfort a bit from leaning on the mousemat for extended periods of time. This would probably be my biggest gripe with the mousemat as you want your mousemat to be comfortable at all times.

RGB Illumination on the corner of the Haste XL Gaming Mousemat


I was in desperate need of an upgrade for a Mousemat and the Haste XL RGN Mousemat from Tecware provided me with a great upgrade. If you are in the market for a new mousemat I would recommend the Haste line of Mousemats. If you absolutely need the RGB this isn’t a bad way to go, but if you want to save yourself some money and possible rashing go with the Haste non-RGB version. Otherwise, this is a great mousemat that provides plenty of room for gaming and an overall mostly enjoyable experience.

Haste Logo on the corner of the Haste XL Gaming Mousemat

Watch the Haste XL Gaming Mousemat Review Here!


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1 year ago

I’ve been looking for a waterproof one! Thanks