Hiper Osiris Aluminum Mid Tower Case

Hiper cases have one common theme and that is their naming scheme. All their cases, yes all two of them, are named after Greek gods. In the case of our review here, Osiris is the Greek god of the underworld. I don’t know what the god of the underworld has to do with a computer. . But Hiper markets the one case that is built for a lifetime. And that could be true as the case is made of 6063 T5 alloy metal that is pretty sturdy and built to take a beating if needed. Besides being good looking, the heavy metal serves as a passive heatsink to aid in heat dissipation. And because the case is aimed at the gamer and enthusiast market, Hiper made sure the case has good airflow via three cooling fans. 

Before placing any piece of PC component inside the case, the weight is only 18.5 pounds. This is not that bad of an amount when you consider the metal that was used to make it. This is five pounds lighter than the Anubis which has about the same size, due to the metal being 1 mm thinner: 2.0 mm versus 3.0 mm. The quality of the build is similar to the Silverstone case like the TJ09 but without the height, as the Osiris stands only 21 inches high.

And because of the anodized metal, the Osiris will attract its sure of finger prints and will require an occasional cleaning to maintain its good looks.

Looking at the Osiris from the front, you get some idea of what it has to offer when it comes in the form of drives. The top two 5.25” bays have stealth doors preinstalled to hide any ugly media drives. Just below them are three more 5.25” bays for whatever front panel devices you may want to use. Below the five 5.25 bays is the front ventilation area for the front 120 mm cooling fan. For anyone thinking of using a floppy drive or any other 3.5” external device, Hiper includes a 5.25” to 3.5” adapter plate.

Turning the case to the right you will see other feature that Hiper is proud of and that is the mesh window. Instead of using the normal glass window, Hiper went another route. It may seem weird but it really complements the rest of the case. The mesh still allows you to see thru the panel but just slightly. Above the mesh window are two silver metal latches that secure the panel to the case. A simple downward pull of the latch opens the inside of the case to the world.

The opposite side has the same two latches but without the mesh. It would have being cool to have both sides identical and symmetrical. Maybe Hiper will make this an option later.

The top of the case shows off the brushed aluminum. Up front is where one would plug in external devices. Hiper left off the firewire port and added a single eSATA port. That’s an instant thumb up in my book. Alone with the eSATA port are two USB 2.0 connections. Add in three audio ports, power/reset and LED lights, you have almost everything needed for interaction with the Osiris. At the rear of the top is a 120 mm fan opening for escaping warm air.

The rear of the case has a little bit going on than most cases. First of all, at the top of the case is a metal plate that contains the serial number of the case. This matches the number on the key chain also. For the water-cooling freaks out there, two inlets/outlets for tubing up to ½” in diameter are included.

Lastly, on the bottom of the case, are four rubberized feet to make sure the case stays planted.




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