Hiper Osiris Aluminum Mid Tower Case

Removing the left side panel allows you to get better acquaint with the internal settings of the Osiris. The whole layout is pretty simple but spacious. Before we get to the specifications of the case, I would like to say that Hiper did well by making the inside black just like the outside, except when it comes to the motherboard tray which is silver. But the black inside makes for a better looking interior. This is something I wished other case manufacturers would adapt.

The Osiris is capable of supporting various sizes of ATX motherboards ranging from mATX to standard size boards. Hiper carefully laid out the mounting holes for whatever board you decide to use. Only thing that could be added would be some sort of removability to the tray.

The front, as you can see, will easily accommodate three hard drives via the HDD rack and six 5.25” devices. Removing the HDD rack reveals a multi-drive rack that looks more like a heatsink. And this is also one of the features of the rack as it adsorbs heat away from the drives. The inside of the rack is aligned with rubber strips to aid in vibration and noise. Mounting in front of the rack is an all black 120 mm cooling fan. All drives are mounted with screws. So this throws out the tool less case option.

We removed the opposite side panel as well to see if there was anything exciting. There was not much here but Hiper did leave small notches in the motherboard tray to aid in cable management. We were able to hide a few of the power supply cables under the tray.

The bottom of the case has a large round opening for power supplies that have top mounted fans.

The power supplies sit on small rubber bushings to eliminate vibration and noise.

The money shot we removed all the panels to give you some ideas of what you have in store with this case.

The interior rear of the case is uneventful except for the 120 mm cooling fan.




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