Hiper Osiris Aluminum Mid Tower Case


First thing first, and that is the Hiper Osiris in my eyes is one classic looking case. There are no signs of extra bling or flash to make this case scream for attention. It does that just by being simple and tasteful in design. The stealth doors are not new to the market but still great when keeping the contrast of the case the same.

The quality of the Osiris is pretty damn good as well. The thick aluminum panels that make up the case are not as heavy as you would think, hitting the scales at just lower than 19 pounds. And to add to the features of the panels of the Osiris, they are all removable to help in making the build easier.

Room is another asset of the newest Hiper case. With the internal design being very simple and the power supply being mounted on the bottom of the case, it is made for a lot of space.

There are a bunch of smaller features that I can go on and on about but I will make it brief as to what they are:

  1. Side Panel latches
  2. Removable HDD rack
  3. Mesh side panel
  4. Three 120 mm cooling fans
  5. A lot of room for drives
  6. Top mounted I/O ports

That is quite a list of good things about this case but let’s get to the negative things. And the first thing would be the availability of the Osiris which is nonexistent. But Hiper states in its press release the suggested MSRP would be $179. This, to some, may be a lot of money for a case. But then I look to cases from companies like Lian Li, Silverstone, Zalman and some Coolermaster cases which can cost well over $200, people are willing to pay for quality and the Osiris has that.

The other small problem I see with the Osiris is for people that want to tighten the rear screws that secure all your add-in cars with a screwdriver. There is a small lip that prevents this unless you have a really small tool to do this with. Thumbscrews are used here so I see no real problem. But some may feel differently about it.

I would like to thank Hiper for sending over the Osiris to us. It was a pleasure reviewing it.


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