Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 Watt Power Supply

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The Type R shares its name with the Racing motto used on Honda and Acura cars, something that I grew up being crazy about. The Hiper Type R lives up to the rep with its killer specs. It comes in two different engine types: 680 and 880 watts. Hiper claims a staggering 85% efficiency which is spread over four 12 volt rails. Good news for those setting up a multi GPU system is that, the Type R is SLI certified up to the 8800GTS series GPUs.

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The Type R comes in Blue and Black paint jobs which reflects through the mesh covering that almost covers the unit. Which is great because for a power unit, looking cool is entirely different from keeping cool, and Hiper has given equal importance to both? Embedded logos sit on either sides of the unit, however, there is no info label or power specification sticker located on the sides which is understandable as this model is targeted towards the advanced users who don’t need labels to tell them what they’ve bought. But located where there is a chance you won’t see it once the power supply is installed which is on the top of the unit.

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The Type R has eight standard ports to support all your needs and then some USB ports. The USB ports can be used to power and charge USB devices such as iPods, mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable media players. More unique features and we’d have a new hardware in our hands.

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One thing I did not like about the previous models has changed; modular has been replaced with grouped cables to allow better management.

Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 10

A great balance between bling and durability can be noted when you take a closer look at the Type R. The mesh covering apart, the 135mm cooling fan has a shiny silver coating and is as quite as they come these days. For added protection, the fan is covered by a chrome grill to avoid those wandering fingers and cables.

Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 11

The cables are sleeved in black which is cool as it goes along with the blue and chrome on the unit. The cables are long enough to let you place the unit even at the bottom of the case. Take a look at the plugs on Type R before we move on to Testing.

Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 12

Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 14 20

Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 21 Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 24

Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 24 Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 25

Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 26


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