Hiper Type R Series Mark II 680 Watt Power Supply


The Hiper Type R is unique in more than one ways, be it the built-in USB ports, the mesh covering or the paint, I haven’t seen anything like this one in ages. The keyboards, mice, mobile phones, hard drives and what not taking up all the available USB ports, the built-in USB ports on the unit is a welcome addition.

The unit was quite and stable, it handled the load really well and did not stutter once throughout the testing. Even though most of our testing is done in an open air environment, the Type R was as quiet as the competition and it should be an obvious choice for any HTPC setup.

Besides being quite, it is quite capable at handling power when it comes to pushing just 680 watts. It should fair really well even in those high-end dual GPU systems. In case you need more power, you’ll have to shell $70 more for the 880 watt model.

The decision to omit the modular cabling makes the Type R a love it or hate it unit. For all practical purposes though, the permanent arrangement of the cables is such that they should be relatively easy to hide in any given cage.

We have seen the Type R 680 model on Newegg for $119 and the 880 model for $189. Not bad for the build-in USB port and signature casing.



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