Hohem Smartphone Gimbal Review

Hohem Smartphone Gimbal Setup

Setup is easy. First, install the Hohem app (which is available for iOS and Android), then pair the gimbal to your smartphone via bluetooth, install your smartphone, and finally, you’re ready to shoot. When you install your phone in the gimbal’s cradle, you want to make sure the phone sits level without assistance. If it’s off by a little bit, the motors in the gimbal will compensate, but trust me, the extra few seconds it will take to make sure your phone is sitting level at the start is worth it.

Hohem claims that on a two hour charge, you’ll get around eight hours worth of shooting and recording time.  I haven’t actually set a timer to that claim, but during this review process I only had to charge this device once. Right out of the gate I was surprised at how easy this gimbal is to use, even for a novice. Hohem’s app is really intuitive. It has a bunch of built in features to help you capture snapshots at gatherings with family and friends. While still photos are fun, the iSteady X really shines with video. In my personal opinion, it’s the biggest reason to use a gimbal.

From the first use, I have to say I was a fan. That’s even before checking out all of the features Hohem offers in their app. Stabilizing your video makes an instant improvement no matter what you’re shooting. I’m sure I’ll be incorporating gimbal shots in future reviews.  Make sure you’re subscribed to the ProClockers YouTube channel and see if you can spot where it’s used.

For my personal use, my youngest daughter is starting her eighth season as a competitive cheer leader. (Not the “go team” type. She literally throws people in the air and catches them). We travel most of the winter and early spring, and my wife takes video at each competition.  Assuming we have a normal season for 2020-2021, I’m looking forward to her using this gimbal to record the team at their competitions.

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