Hohem Smartphone Gimbal Review

Hohem Smartphone Gimbal Features

If you’re a more experienced film maker than me, you’ll enjoy the built in features in the Hohem app. They have included some fun camera movement templates to help you tell your story.

Inception – rotates the camera 180 or 270 degrees changing the perception of your shots.
Dolly Zoom – Also known as the Hitchcock shot or Jaws effect, the dolly zoom keeps your subject still while you move the camera and the lens zooms changing the perspective of the background.
Timelapse – Speed up some action. This was one of my personal favorite modes to use. You can see a sample of the time lapse in the video that accompanies this write up.
Face tracking mode – The camera and gimbal automatically follows the face of your subject as they move through the frame of the shot. The only downside to this mode is the subject has to be facing the camera the whole time. If your subject looks away, they will be lost until they look at the camera again.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use the buttons on the front of the gimbal to start and stop video recording, control your shutter for still photos, change the aspect from portrait and landscape, and will control roll, pan, and tilt. You can choose to use the Hohem app, your phone’s stock camera app, or any other third party capture app you prefer.

Button layout courtesy of https://www.hohem.com/products/hohem-isteady-x-smartphone-gimbal-stabilizer

After a few weeks of using this Hohem iSteady X, I’d hardly consider myself a pro now. However, it has made filming much more fun. The only issue is I’m just not that creative, so some of the extra features, at least while reviewing, were lost on me. Although, that’s a subject that will change in the future. At the risk of sounding like a sales guy, pushing the latest hot product, I do feel comfortable recommending this gimbal. It’s great for anyone and everyone. If you’re interested in making short films with your smartphone and need something to stabilize it, this is for you. If you’re just looking for a fun device for those all important self portraits, this is for you. If you just want a super easy way to create cool time lapse videos, this is for you.

Proclockers would like to thank Hohem for providing this product for our review.

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