iClever BK10 Wireless Keyboard Review

Enabling Bluetooth on the iClever BK10 Wireless Keyboard

The Bluetooth connection is fairly easy to pair as long as you read the instructions. The keyboard has keys that enable connection between 1-3 devices and the ability to toggle between these devices using three Bluetooth keys on the upper right side of the keyboard, just about the number pad. This feature is handy for work-from-home settings where a change of scenery can be all but mandatory to keep things fresh and productive. The pairing isn’t complicated, but it’s a little trickier than an economy plug-and-play Bluetooth keyboard. The instructions are clear and helpful. We tested the Bluetooth setting by using this keyboard directly next to the router, outside, and in a variety of places. The keyboard can keep up and has a strong Bluetooth signal.

The keys are low profile, and iClever notes scissor-switch, ultra-thin keys on its marketing material. The keys are similar in height and depth of Apple Magic keyboards. Interestingly (and usefully), the keyboard’s windows and alt keys also have the Mac commands (alt and cmd, respectively) printed on the keys. This is a nice function for anyone who wants to use the 1-3 Bluetooth connections on a variety of operating systems. The keys all click smoothly, and all tests performed to try to dislodge keys in the way a typical user would after years of wear did not pull any keys off the board. It’s also worth noting that our tester received the chrome silver keyboard with black keys and white letterings. The markings are all very clear and don’t show any signs of peeling or flaking off after hundreds of hours of use.

This keyboard includes a number pad, which is handy in a lot of applications. The keys are all clearly labeled and adequately spaced for easy typing. The keyboard overall is large, but it feels very ergonomic and well-appointed. There is no random unused space on the keyboard, and all keys make logical sense where they’re placed.

“Razor-thin” is almost a perfect description for this keyboard as it comes in at half the size of Apple Magic keyboards in some places. There is a roll built into the top of the iClever keyboard to give it a more ergonomic placement. It has five small rubber stops on the bottom of the keyboard; two at the top of the keyboard under the roll and three at the bottom. There are no feet or legs that kick out to raise or adjust the height.

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