iClever XFree Mini Bluetooth Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

Testing & Performance

We tested the XFree Minis out over several days and were very pleased with their performance relative to their advertised features and price-point.

The first area to cover is the ergonomics of these ear-pods. We spent a fair amount of time trying out the different rubber earpieces and eventually determined that the best setup (at least for the person testing) was the medium sized ear pieces. We eventually opted to go without the ear guides since they seemed to make it a little more difficult to keep the pods in our ears when we were using them while active. This will of course be different for everyone since everyone’s ears are different, we encourage you to experiment to find your preferred combination. While these ear-pods are not quite as comfortable as “true” wireless ear-pods they are definitely some of the most comfortable semi-wireless ear-pods I have used.

Moving on to performance and range we have to say these ear-pods knocked it out of the park for their price point. Range was exactly what you would expect from any Bluetooth ear-pods, we found we could easily walk from one end of the lab to the other with little to no loss in sound quality. When we tested in more confined areas we did find that having multiple walls or metal objects between the transmitting device and the ear-pods could cause some interference. As far as performance goes the earbuds hold up to most of their specifications. The battery life and play time are well within advertised specs, and the built-in mic is crisp and clear should you decide to use it for making or taking phone calls. The only specification we have an issue with is the noise cancelling advertisement. While the rubber ear-pieces do provide a certain amount of noise deadening I hardly think there is any advanced noise cancelling technology being used in these ear-pods. That said for the 24.99 price of these guys it is pretty hard to expect high priced technology.

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