Icy Dock ToughArmor MB840M2P-B Review

Icy Dock is back at it again with one of the best PCIe Expansion cards of 2020. The ToughArmor MB40M2P-B we’ll codename “M.2 Mobile Rack” is exactly that; a mobile rack. This expansion card turns a PCIe Slot into a M.2 slot that can be hot-plugged! Thanks to its innovative design you’ll feel like a data specialist when sliding out the M.2 holder and placing it back in (experiences may vary).

Icy Dock does have other M.2 rack style holders, but those come in bays. Thanks to advancement in cases, bays are used more for the enterprise field. The average builder today uses bays for more modded inventions like switches and water reservoirs. These types of users would see something like the M.2 Mobile Rack as a great add-in when getting to a regular M.2 slot, which would involve taking apart a full water-cooling loop, taking precious time away from your day. With the Mobile Rack, M.2 maintenance is reduced down to seconds.

They’ve kept the packaging simple on this product, but they certainly haven’t skimped on detail. All the information for a prospective buyer is right where it needs to be.

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