ID-Cooling SE 204K and SE 214X CPU Cooler Review

Features (SE 204K)

  • Optimized cooling performance for enthusiasts
  • Black nickled plated heatsink for anti-oxidation
  • 4×8mm Heatpipes soldered to fins
  • Pure Copper Base for best thermal efficiency
  • 120mm fan with PWM function
  • Supports push-pull configuration
  • Special noise & vibration dampener on fan frame
  • Universal mounting brackets for all sockets

Massive Heatsink With Black Nickel

Four copper heatpipes and massive aluminum heatsink fins combined together helps dissipate heat effectively. The whole heatsink body is black after nickel plating to prevent from oxidation.

8mm Heatpipes and Copper Base

4 pieces of 8mm heatpipe are soldered to the copper base. This construction enables the super fast heat transfer from the CPU to the heatsink fins.

120mm PWM Fan

120mm fan provides big airflow to cool the heatsink. With PWM function, it achieves the optimal balance between airflow and noise. De-vibration rubber design helps to reduce vibration noise to the minimum.

Rubber De-Vibration Design

Four rubber pads mounted on the four corners of the fan frame are designed to absorb the vibration during fan operation, therefore to keep the noise to the minimum.

Both Intel and AMD Ready

A full set of universal mounting brackets are included so you can mount the cooler on both Intel and AMD platforms. High thermal conductivity thermal grease is also bundled to help with heat transfer.

Specifications  (SE 204K)


  • Intel LGA2011/1366/1150/1155/1156/775
  • AMD FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2

   TDP: 150W

   Overall Dimension: 123×77×157mm (L×W×H)

   Heatsink Material: Copper Base+4×Ф8mm heatpipe + Aluminum Fin

   Weight: 981g

   Fan Dimension: 123×123×25mm

   Fan Speed: 800-1800RPM(PWM)

   Max. Air Flow: 60.7CFM

   Max. Static Pressure: 1.81mmH2O

   Noise: 16.2-29.2dB(A)

   Rated Voltage: 12VDC

   Operating Voltage: 10.8~13.2VDC

   Started Voltage: 7VDC

   Rated Current: 0.16A

   Power Input: 1.92W

   Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing

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