ID-Cooling SE 204K and SE 214X CPU Cooler Review

AMD Platform Installation

AMD AM3+ Platform Installation (SE 204K)

The SE 204K has a universal backplate for both AMD and Intel platforms. Simple insert the four tall screws to the assigned screw holes as indicated in the manual.

For any AMD board, you need to remove the stock mounting brackets first.

Install the mounting brackets on the cooler.

Then mount the cooler to the processor after applying thermal paste. I will be using a Junpus DX1 thermal paste for consistency.

Secure the cooler using the provided screws. You can tightened the cooler by hands.

AMD AM3+ Platform Installation (SE 214X)

As for the ID-Cooling SE 214X, first install the AMD mounting bracket to the cooler.

You will be using the board’s stock mounting brackets as seen in the image above wherein you simply need to hook the cooler’s bracket in place.

Move on to the next page for the Intel installation.

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