ID-Cooling SE 204K and SE 214X CPU Cooler Review

Build Images

Both the Intel and AMD boards are from MSI under the MSI Gaming series which looks almost identical. Below are images on how the coolers look with the boards.

SE 204K – Single Fan

SE 204K – Dual Fan

SE 214X – Single Fan

SE 214X – Dual Fan

Memory Clearance

The two coolers promises maximum memory clearance which we will see below. Using a pair of Kingston HyperX T1 memory modules which have tall heat spreaders, it will certainly test the memory clearance of these coolers.

AMD – SE 204K

AMD – SE 214X

Intel – SE 204K

Intel – SE 214X

Both the coolers clear all memory slots for all the platforms I tested.

Move on to the next page for the setup and testing.

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