ID-Cooling SE 204K and SE 214X CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

These SE series coolers from ID-Cooling that uses the NO series fans are ideal for entry-level setups that doesn’t run on overclocked settings. Based on our test results and performance, these coolers are certainly not for an overclocked processor be it Intel’s Haswell or AMD’s FX processors. Both has the all-popular gaming theme of red and black which is a bonus for those that are into this gaming color theme. The SE 204K in particular looks cool in terms of aesthetics with its dark nickel mirror-finish coating. The fans sure is quiet enough and performs just enough for non-overclocked builds.

Moving on to installation, these are easy to install on the average. The two coolers aren’t huge and bulky so it is easy to mount in the motherboard. Memory clearance is what these coolers boast and I have to say ID-Cooling does have the right to do so. Both the SE 204K and SE 214X will not likely have a memory slot problem but be careful in using it with mini-ITX motherboards with very tight layout like some of the mini-ITX 1155 boards I’ve seen wherein the PCIe slot is just next to the processor socket. Anyway, I cannot find any particular aspect of the cooler that would be a flaw. I wouldn’t expect much performance from it being that these are single-tower entry level coolers. Certainly a good candidate for those looking for a cheap alternative to stock coolers. Do note that the coolers only come in with one 120mm fan. You can find the ID-Cooling SE 214X CPU cooler at $34.99 and the ID-Cooling SE 204K CPU cooler also at $44.99.

ID-Cooling SE 214X

ID-Cooling SE 204K


  • Excellent memory slot clearance
  • Good acoustics


  • Can’t handle overclocked settings


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