ID Cooling T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case Review

Packaging and Unboxing

The T60-SFX comes in a colored box with the important details found in the front and back of the box. The box comes with a handle on top for easy transport. The front box pictures a tank which suggests the durability of this case.

The case is fully protected with a much softer foam, not Styrofoam.

Inside you will find the T60-SFX mini gaming case. The left face and right face of the chassis are identical. The side panels can fit either side due to that. Everything you see in the exterior is aluminum, even the portion that is red. The side panels are held together by four screws on each corner.

I have to point out that the screws included with chassis seems to be anodized screws, not the typical I see included in cases. Totally liking this coming from ID Cooling.

Closer Look – Exterior

Let us first take a closer look at the exteriors of the T60-SFX.

The model we received has a black and red color them on it. The front panel and the top panel are actually the thickest panels of the case. So these are the sturdiest parts. Near the bottom are ventilation holes while on top you can see two USB 3.0 ports and the power switch which has the ID Cooling logo. There is no reset switch for this case and audio ports as well. You will need to connect your audio peripheral or speakers directly to the motherboard’s back I/O ports.

The bottom of the case are littered with ventilation holes which are directly under the graphics card.

The case feet are also made of aluminum with a rubber surface.

Here’s a look at the back of the T60-SFX mini gaming case.

There’s a preinstalled 92mm fan with fan grill at the back for exhaust. The fan doesn’t have LED. You can also find the power supply cable socket near the top then the two PCIe slot covers below.

Move on to the next page for the closer look on the interiors of the chassis.

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