ID Cooling T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case Review

Build and Installation

System Specifications

  • Processor: Intel i3-2100
  • Motherboard: ECS H67H2-I mini-ITX
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX 10-Year Anniversary Edition
  • Graphics Cards: Gigabyte GTX 770 OC and Galaxy GT 630
  • Hard Drive(s): OCZ Vector 2.5″ SSD
  • Power Supply: Silverstone ST45SF-G SFX series
  • Cooling: Intel stock cooler, Raijintek 120mm fan

Here’s a glance of the build without the drive bracket installed. Cabling is very straightforward since you only have the hidden 3.5″ bay to use in hiding cables. You cannot route any cable at the backend of the case, everything will have to go in front.

The case supports graphics cards up to 263mm long. Apparently the GTX 770 OC I used in this review is 280mm long. It fits the slot but you will need to force it which is not recommended. It works but it is quite obvious in the previous image that the other end of the graphics card is slightly inclined. Let’s just say we did this for you so you won’t try it at home. So for this chassis, a triple-fan graphics card is probably not the best one to use since they are longer even if it is just two PCIe slot thick just like the card I used for this review.

I also have to note about the power cable extension that goes into the power supply. Depending on the model of the power supply you plan to use, it could be a bit tight to fit into the socket of the power supply. You just need to force the cable into a 90-degree angle to fit in.

Moving forward with the build, here’s how it looks like with the hard drive bracket installed. Again, the cables have no where to go so you need to simply leave it there. Using shorter and sleeved cables will certainly improve how it looks but I’ll leave that to expert modders.

There are four holes at the bottom tray that I got curious with. Turns out these are perfect for 120mm fans as emphasized by the two rubber fan mounts I installed.

Unfortunately, you can only fasten two of the four screw holes in a 120mm fan. As you can see above, any standard 120mm fan can fit but it would be too thick and would be an obstacle for the graphics card. Hence, I found this slim 120mm Raijintek fan to use which fits as well.

If you plan to use a graphics card that is around 1.5 PCIe slot thick, you might just be able to fit in a slim 120mm fan like Scythe’s Slip Stream 120mm slim case fan for example. As for the other two unfastened screw holes in the fan, you could just drill a hole for it or fasten it with a ziptie into the chassis.

Adding the fan at the bottom will surely help with the ventilation of the case. Adding a thin mesh for dust filter would also be advisable.

Here’s a look at the second build with the GT 630 graphics card installed instead of the GTX 770 with the additional bottom fan installed for intake.

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