ID Cooling T60-SFX Mini Gaming Case Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ID Cooling might be a new player in the market but they sure gave us a good first impression with regards to how they design and manufacture hardware. The T60-SFX has a lot of incredible feats. The durability of this case is indeed of a tank compared to other cases. I did sat on the case which is approximately 80 kilograms of force, didn’t do a thing. It might sound like a silly thing to do but if you are into LAN parties where you need to pack your rig along for a ride or even ship it to another State, the durability of this case will really come in handy.

The looks of the T60-SFX mini gaming case is totally on the positive side. All-aluminum cases certainly have a different appeal compared to cases with plastic composite. It certainly looks and feels strong which also connotes build quality. The uniqueness of the chassis also gives it appeal. It is a good feeling to have something that doesn’t look ordinary and this chassis certainly got that. The operation of the chassis is also very silent given that there’s only the 92mm chassis fan, CPU fan and the graphics card fan that give noise. However, the silence does come with a price of having less airflow thus a hotter operation compared to cases with more fans for better airflow and ventilation.

Comparing the T60-SFX mini gaming case to other small form factor cases, this perhaps is the smallest and most compact of them all. Although the benefits of the size come in handy for transport and to save space, it does have some disadvantages which is mainly the limitations on compatible hardware you can use with the case. There are plenty of mini-ITX motherboards available in the market but the small form factor power supply isn’t that popular yet. Even other SFF cases use standard sized power supplies. This is certainly one factor to consider when you want to go with this case. The limitation to the graphics card isn’t so much of a limitation but it is certainly something to keep in mind. The limitation for compatible CPU cooler is also a major factor to consider being that the motherboard tray doesn’t have a cutout plus the width of the case will not allow you to install cooler with tall towers.

Even with such limitations in mind, the T60-SFX is certainly a state-of-the-art chassis with its superb durability, great looks and compact layout. ID Cooling certainly designed this chassis well and it is certainly worthy of our highest award. The standard retail price of the T60-SFX mini gaming case is $79.99.


  • Small and Compact
  • Superb Durability
  • Great Looks
  • Silent Operation


  • Hardware Limitations

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