In Win 303 Case Review



If you’ve been in the computer world any length of time at all, odds are you have probably heard the name In Win. It’s hard to think of the name without bringing images to mind of some of the most beautiful and innovate, and iconic products ever made. Legendary enclosures such as the one piece aluminum S-Frame, or the open air tubular skeleton of the D-Frame showcase In Win’s ability to break the status quo and deliver Innovative, beautiful and functional works of art, year after year.

More than a few of In Win’s cases are big, bold, ‘out of the box’ designs that may not fit everyone’s style, so how do you get a little more down to earth, but keep that unmistakable elegance and flair that only In Win can provide? By choosing the In Win 303 of course! Today we will be taking a look at this elegant combination of steel and tempered glass. The dual chamber and water-cooling friendly mid tower, with its clean and modest design, is equally at home on your office desk or your gaming station.

In Win’s highlights of the 303 Chassis:

Exquisitely Modest Aesthetic Design

The IN WIN team presents the 303, a simple, yet elegant computer chassis crafted from steel and tempered glass. The distinctively clean front panel is complemented with a bright LED design to balance the overall appearance.

Radiant Luminosity

The IN WIN logo is highlighted “Neon” as well as the lucent stripped I/O front panel. These gorgeous LEDs also have the purpose of indicating when the PC is activated.

Accelerated Tool-less Design

In Win has set a standard for being an innovative computer hardware company. Mission accomplished with the 303 since it has perfected a tool-less design by being able to remove the beautiful 3mm tempered glass side panel by just pressing the handle.

User Friendly Dust Filter

This easily accessible dust filter has an embedded design for quick removal. It’s conveniently located on the bottom, and removing dust has never been easier.

Versatile Cooling Options

Overall, the 303 can accommodate two radiators (top and rear) and three fans at the bottom providing users with a well-cooled rig. The cool air intakes from the bottom creates efficient air flow for quick heat dissipation.

In Win’s Attention to Detail

The 303 is constructed with 1.2mm SECC, supports 2.5”and3.5” drive bays, and its separate PSU chamber provides an ideal climate without interfering with the motherboard and graphics card area. The specialized GPU holder can provide extra support to graphics cards. Yet another detail IN WIN oversees and manufactures to make PC building much easier.

We would like to thank In Win for sending Pro Clockers the 303 Mid Tower Chassis for review. This case boasts a very impressive feature set for a chassis in this price range, so let’s dive in and see what secrets the 303 has in store for us!

Head over to the next page for the packaging and what’s in the box.

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