In Win 805 Mid Tower Chassis Review


Once again In Win left us impressed with the 805 chassis, it’s everything they said it would be, it’s one beautiful chassis that’s also very well made.

On the plus side, having both side panels as well as the front panel made from tempered glass is outstanding, I wish more case manufactures would do this. In regards to cooling options, being able to mount either a 240mm or 280mm radiator in the front section of the 805 and a 120mm radiator or AIO CPU Cooler in the rear of the 805 shows us that In Win is finally on board with the water cooling community, so let’s hope to see a new chassis from In Win with mounting for a 360mm Rad or possibly a 480mm Rad by the time the next CES rolls around !

Another plus is having mounting hardware installed in the 805 for a total of 4SSDs as well as a couple of platter drives. An/d that the HDD cage can be moved to 3 different positions to fit your build as long as you do not plan on using a front mounted radiator

Let’s not forget about 805 front I/O having USB 3.1 Type-C port for massive transfer speed or being able to choose the color of your front I/O panel.

 If you do not like Black, you also have the option of choosing Gold or Red. And last the LED lighting on the In Win Logo, Black and Gold I/O panels come with White LED lighting and the Red I/O panel comes with Red LED lighting.

At the time that this review was published, the In Win 805 chassis could be found at Newegg for $169.99 Yes the 805 is kind of expensive for a mid tower chassis, and it may not be for everyone, but you do get a beautiful looking chassis that can hold a high-end build and at the same time keep it cool.


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