In Win External Hard Drive Enclosure O-Ring

Closer look

The O-Ring looks like a simple product and, well it is. The O-Ring, as it’s name implies, is simply a round molded piece of silicone with a ‘handle’. It also has a very simple purpose: protect your small portable hard drive, and maybe add some color to it in the process.

The O-Ring is available in three different colors: blue, green and pink. As we mentioned the O-Ring is made from silicone, which makes it extremely flexible but nearly impossible to rip or tear. According to In Win’s site the ring measures 252mm in it’s original shape and can stretched up to 460mm. The circular enclosure has a diameter of 106mm.

The main half of the O-Ring is round making it ideal to fit around most 2.5” enclosures. Once fit around the drive enclosure a mini-USB plug is inserted into the enclosure, which on the end of the ‘handle’ leads to a standard USB Type-‘A’ connection to plug into the PC or MAC.

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