In Win External Hard Drive Enclosure O-Ring


We used the In Win O-Ring on a Coolmax 2.5” enclosure we had laying about the lab. The O-Ring went around the enclosure with minimal effort and no issues whatsoever. We preformed a small test of the enclosure with the O-Ring installed and did not see any performance decrease as a result of the encased USB cable. Nice job. (Sorry, we did not perform any ‘drop tests’ as I’m sure some of you were hoping for! Tongue out Simply do not have the spare hardware around to perform it with.) 


The In Win O-Ring is a simple product with a simple purpose. Protect your 2.5” external hard drive enclosure, while at the same time offer a means to carry it and it’s USB cable together with ease. It is definitely one of those products that you may see and say “damn why I didn’t think of that” (Editor’s Note: Or like me, “What the heck did Tony review now?!” haha).  In Win offers the O-Ring in three different colors: green, blue and the pink unit we reviewed here today. I can’t see the O-Ring breaking or it’s cable being rendered nonfunctional, but if were to happen In Win provides the O-Ring with a three year warranty.

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