In Win IW-MS04 Mini Server Case Review


In Win is a company that is well known for not cutting corners with its cases. They have a long history of blending the design of their products in a tug of war between art and technology. Having been founded in 1985, they are now a leading provider of enclosure solutions worldwide. They’re also environmentally conscious, making sure that they maintain an ongoing effort to conserve resources and to protect the Earth.

The IW-MS04 is a stylish case, with a sleek mesh textured front, and clear indicators for activity. Let’s take a close look at this Mini ITX case more up close.

In Win’s take on the IW-MS04


  • Mini-SAS Backplane (6Gb/sec supported)
  • Unique server design ideal for small office
  • Flex ATX power supply supported
  • Slim ODD supported
  • Front Access USB 3.0 x 2 Ports

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4 years ago

CPU Temps

Thanks to youe review on this case I end up building the exactly the same one for my home media server, just a couple days ago. But there’s one thing I would like you guys to let me know, how is your temps on CPU? Because I got really high temps on idle ( around 62ºC) and didn’t even tried on full load because of that.
Hope I can hear back from you guys, keep up the exelent job!

Best regards
Paulo Machado