Intel Core i7 7740X CPU Review


At Computex this year Intel announced its new high-end desktop (HEDT) platform. All the architecture changes meant that Intel needed a new socket, Socket 2066. The new X299 platform brings a number of new features and enhancements over the previous X99 platform. It also brings with it a new line of processors. They range from 4 cores all the way up to 18 cores. Skylake-X handles the 6 core to 18 core variants, while Kaby Lake-X handles the 4 core models. We recently reviewed the top dog Skylake Core i9 7900X. Today we will be looking its little brother, the Kaby Lake Core i7 7740X.

Kaby Lake-X doesn’t differ much from Skylake-X and for the most part, the architecture has changed from the standard desktop Kaby Lake. There are some process improvements over Skylake. Kaby Lake is built on an improved 14 nm process that Intel calls 14FF+. It allows faster CPU clock speeds and higher Turbo frequencies, without using or in some cases, using less power than before.

It does look like the faster CPU clock speeds and higher Turbo frequencies are the most interesting feature of Kaby Lake. The Core i7-7740X we’ll be reviewing here features a base frequency of 4.3 GHz with a turbo frequency up to 4.5 GHz. That’s a 100 Mhz base speed step up over the Core i7-7700K. Like all previous X series Core processors, it also features an unlocked multiplier, allowing the user the ability to overclock it. It looks like we’ll get a good chance to explore those additional Mhz and hopefully some extra overclocking headroom as well.

Intel’s take on the 7th Generation Core HEDT processors

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