Intel Core i7 7740X CPU Review

Power Consumption and Overclocking

Power Consumption

The Kaby Lake Core i7 7740X consumes less power than the Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K.


Overclocking Kaby Lake-X isn’t any different than Skylake-X and far easier than Haswell or Broadwell. If you have any time overclocking Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge; you’ll find Kaby Lake is much the same.

Now it’s time to see how far I could push the Core i7 7740X.  After I adjusted the line load calibration to its stiffest setting, I started bumping up the multiplier and then the core voltage. I alternated between them until I reached 5 GHz. At that point the voltage was at 1.25v. There seems to be even more headroom for those who want to push it even higher.

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