Intel Core i7-7820X CPU Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Intel’s Core i7-7820X is a beast of a CPU, easily capable of plowing through gaming, transcoding, rendering and streaming all at the same time. Handily beating Intel’s own i7-5960X of last generation across the board, and for a far lower street price of $599.99, this might be a tough choice to beat.

I feel this is about the sweet spot for most power users, It has the cores and thread count to brute force its way through heavy computing or enthusiast level multi-tasking, but still has a low enough core count to run at a nimble 4.1-4.3Ghz most of the time thanks to Turbo Boost 3.0 without resorting to overclocking.

Easily able to overclock into the upper 4Ghz range, this puts it in single thread striking range of overclocked CPU’s like the 7700K with half the cores. Pair with high speed ram in a quad channel configuration, it decimates any dual channel CPU in any memory intensive task and provides enough bandwidth to keep all sixteen threads fed.

For a crazy amount of CPU power, and at an affordable price point while still supporting all of the latest technology, we have to award this our coveted Editor’s Choice award.


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