Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition CPU Review

Power Consumption & Overclocking



At stock, our CPU spends much of its time hovering around the 4.5 and 4.6GHz mark at idle.

We tried ASUS’s EZ Tuning Wizard first which came up with a very optimistic 5.46GHz, however, we crashed before windows could even load. Backing down to 5.4GHz was the same. 5.35GHz got us the windows loading screen for a split second before BSOD.

We were able to get a mostly functional 5.3 GHz at 1.43V (BIOS setting, CPUz shows ~1.47V after LLC adjustments). But we just couldn’t get it 100% stable even with drastically higher voltage.

 It didn’t appear to be a thermal limit or platform limit, it simply just refused to go any higher. A few seconds was all we could get out of any benchmark or stress test with most of them causing an instant BSOD.

In the end, we settled on 5.2GHz a 1.39V.

The overclocked knocked just over a minute off the Super Pi 32M run with a snappy six minutes and 7 seconds.


Power Consumption

Power Consumption at stock pretty well falls right in with the I7-8700K at a reasonable 172W full system draw under load and a meager 45 watts at idle.

Overclocked to 5.3GHz, we see the power draw climb to about 221Watts from the wall, which still isn’t terrible.

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