Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition CPU Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


The x86 and by proxy, the updated x86-64 instructions set have been around so long now that most of us have forgotten what it even means. The fact that it even still exists is almost a fluke as nothing in the computing world lasts longer than a few years seemingly, but here we are 40 years later and what was supposed to be a temporary stepping stone ended up reshaping the computing world in a way not even Intel could have guessed at. While the RISC platform, lead mainly by ARM-based solutions, has a commanding lead of the lightweight mobile world (where X86 really could never get a foothold), x86 still makes up more than half of all microprocessors sold worldwide.

As the I7-8086K is effectively a factory binned i7-8700K, the identical specs (base and single core boost clocks aside) make sense. There is nothing new here under the hood, this is still 8th gen Coffee Lake-S silicon. The 8086K trades blows with the 8700K, often well within the margin of error, but does pull ahead in some tasks thanks to the slightly increased clock speeds. The Increased base clock really doesn’t do much as the Turbo Boost Bins are exactly the same between both CPUs with only the 1 core used clock being different. Realistically, it’s very hard to even get only one core usage and we never did notice 5.0 in the natural desktop environment. You get the same 4.6 GHz with 2 cores active, 4.5GHz on three cores, 4.4GHz at 4 and 5 cores active, and the same 4.3GHz under full 6 core load.

Is it slightly faster than an 8700K? in some tests, yes, it is. In others, you would be hard-pressed to see any difference. Is it worth the extra few bucks on the street? That’s really for you to decide. It Isn’t something new and game-changing, but it most certainly is a commemorative product paying homage to that lowly 40-pin chip from as many years ago as well as a bit of a 50th Birthday celebration for Intel as a whole. It is technically Intel’s first chip to reach 5.0GHz without user intervention. It Is also Limited Edition, It won’t be around forever with a limited number ever to be manufactured so if you are the Nostalgic type, better get to getting one while you can. Even if all you see is a binned and rebranded 8700K, which we would be perfectly willing to forgive you for, It’s still a binned and rebranded version of one of the best CPU’s on the market currently.

Congratulations on 40 years of x86 Intel, as well as 50 years of business!

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