Intel Core i7-9800X LGA2066 HEDT CPU Review

Overclocking & Power


Intel’s Core i7-9800X can easily reach the mid 4 GHz range at stock thanks to Turbo Boost, and it often spends its time in the low 4 GHz range out of the box.

The CPU can reach 4.5GHz on one core out of the box so we’ll start by pushing it to 4.5 GHz on all cores first. This gets us a pretty nice jump over the stock run of 1807 points in Cinebench.

We pushed on to 4.6GHz, which gave us a few more points, but we had to push the voltage up from 1.31V to 1.35V and at this point, we are hitting the 100C mark on a few cores, while one core is at 83C and another is at 86C. We checked our cooler and ran this several times, and we always have a pretty big delta between the hottest and coldest core. It appears the new STIM (Solder Thermal Interface Material) might have some issues here, or perhaps we just got a poor-quality chip out of the ‘Silicon Lottery’. Either way, Thermals are certainly a serious limit here, SkyLake-X has already proven to easily land in the upper 4 GHz range with better samples of Low Core Count chips able to hit 5GHz+ on all cores.

We were able to get 4.7GHz stable, but it took a painful 1.395V and temps were unmanageable, even on water.

4.8GHz was unstable, no matter what we did. We could get to windows and do lite tasks, but no way this would even work for a daily driver, and no chance of going further.


Given the 165W TDP, it’s not much of a surprise to see slightly elevated power consumption over the older i7-7820X and more recent i9-9900K.

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