Intel Core i9-7960X & i9-7980XE Extreme Edition Sky Lake-X LGA2066 X299 CPU Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We had a blast testing these monster CPU’s out.  Every single benchmark we ran was just crushed, and every single chart we have had to be expanded by nearly double to accommodate the multi-threaded scores. We had a few testing programs not know quite what to do with all the cores, but they will be updated in time. While these are targeted more at productivity and the most extreme of multi-taskers, they still managed to turn in solid gaming related benchmarks, so you won’t have to give up your favorite shooter or build a 2nd gaming-only PC now to have a high thread count for getting things done. Actually, you can probably run ALL of your favorite games… at the same time, and we really aren’t exaggerating much.

With the Core i9-7980XE commanding a $1999 price tag, and the i9-7960X a bit lower at $1699, you certainly can’t call either one cheap. If you work from your PC and time is money, either one of these is a solid investment that will push your productivity through the roof. Core and thread count this high has long been the realm of server-oriented CPU’s, but with the crux of a comparatively wimpy clock speed. An amazing level of overclocking potential aside, Both CPU’s share the ability of Turbo Boost 3.0 to shove lightly threaded clock speeds well into the 4GHz range for a no-compromise solution to nearly every problem.

 If your power supply and cooling systems are up to the task and don’t mind making your accountant do a double-take, you can unleash an irresponsible amount of power from a single LGA2066 socket. This is elite hardware and we can’t call it anything but. Great Job Intel!



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