Intel Core i9-9900KS Special Edition CPU Review

Packaging & A Closer Look

Our review sample Intel Core i9-9900KS comes in a large outer box bearing the Intel logo.

The box flips open to reveal the same unique shape packaging the Core i9-9900K came in a year ago.

The signature clear blue dodecahedron sits in a base of soft foam, with a matching piece in the lid section to hold it centered.

At a glance, the only way to tell the 9900K from the new 9900KS packaging is the Special Edition badge on the face, similar to the one we saw on the Core i7-8086K.

Through the clear blue plastic, we can see the actual CPU container inside.

The back edge has some info about needing an Intel 300 series motherboard for this CPU.

A security seal holds the sleeve together, and it unfolds off of the packaging once cut.

With the sleeve out of the way, the clear blue shell pops open into two pieces to reveal the inner packaging.

The inner packaging holds the CPU in place behind a window opening.

The top lifts off to reveal the typical Intel clamshell laying in a foam block.

As our CPU is a review sample, it bears engineering markings rather than the retail markings you would get buying one. Most of it is cryptic, but it does bear the 4.00GHz base clock speed.

The back of the LGA 1151 CPU looks pretty typical.

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