Intel Core i9-9900KS Special Edition CPU Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Intel’s first Special Edition mainstream CPU, the Core i7-8086K was a lot of fun. Fast forward a short spurt of several months and the next Special Edition CPU, today’s Core i9-9900KS is even more of a blast. Much of the coverage the last several months has been about rapidly expanding core counts, but the majority of the programs the average Joe uses, like most games, can only take advantage of a handful of threads. What they do benefit from is raw clock speed, and the i9-9900KS has that in spades. Sure, plenty of people have been able to push the i9-9900K to 5.0GHz on all cores, but most users just want to drop it in and go with no worry about killing something while “operating outside of Intel’s published specifications”. The $513 MSRP really isn’t a huge jump in price for the highly binned CPU when you compare to aftermarket CPU binning services. If you have an Intel Core i9-9900K already, this probably isn’t worth the cost to update, but if you are in the market for a new build or an upgrade to your existing system, you can’t get much better right out of the box than you can right here.

Incredible job Intel!

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