Intel Optane SSD 800P Series Review


The PC world is no stranger to ground-breaking, revolutionary memory announcements. They come along every so often promising order of magnitude increases in speed, capacity, and so on. The few that actually materialize into a physical product are often lackluster and fade from existence in days to months or are quickly eclipsed by incremental updates to existing technology. When 3D XPoint was announced a few years ago as this crazy new storage and memory hybrid, most of the industry shrugged it off as another cry of ‘wolf!’ since NAND based NVMe drives were just starting to take off.

Fast Forward to 2017 and that little project known as Stony Beach materializes on retail shelves as Intel Optane Memory. While many consumers looked at the tiny 16 and 32GB modules as another gimmicky caching technology to drag a little more life out of SATA drives, the more keen-eyed noticed that the low queue depth performance and IOPS attained was off the charts. Groundbreaking performance is great, but largely pointless if you don’t have enough space to fit anything, so recently Intel dropped the Optane SSD 900P bomb on the industry at nearly half a terabyte and offering the same game-changing low queue depth performance. If sticker shock or a lack of spare PCIe ports is keeping you from hopping on the Optane Trane, Today’s launch of the Optane SSD 800P just might get you on the rails.

ProClockers would like to thank Intel for sending a few Optane 800P SSD’s for us to test out!

Intel’s Take on Optane 800P Series:
The Intel Optane SSD 800P Series packs the performance of Intel Optane technology in the slim M.2 form factor for storage in mobile devices and desktop systems. The Intel Optane SSD 800P offers standard PCIe/NVMe interfaces and is optimized for uses as an exceptional OS drive, in a mobile RAID configuration, or for high-performance specialty uses like application swap files or logging.

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