InWin 915 Case Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The InWin 915 arrives in a 29” x 15” x 31” (aka huge) white box with 915 being very prominent on the front.

Looking on one side of the box there is some InWin branding at the top and a list of technical specifications of the case.

The back side of the box is similar to the front, but includes the notable features of the 915.

On the other side, it shows you the color of the packages case (with ours being silver) and icons of the case’s features on the bottom.

The top of the box contains an unboxing guide which is quite useful as the case weighs over 43 lbs.

Opening the box, the 915 was nicely enclosed in foam and also included an accessory bag that I will address later on.

After following the unboxing guide, you can see that the 915 is also wrapped in a black bag.

Once the bag is removed you get your first look at the InWin 915. Our first impression of the case (other then weighing a ton) was that we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. From the finish of the aluminum to the curvy nature of the case, it’s not like anything on the market.

Taking a peek in the accessory bag it includes:

  • Motherboard standoffs with socket
  • Hex screws
  • SSD screws
  • Cable ties
  • Water-cooling system washers
  • Graphic card holder
  • Pin header
  • Wire mounts
  • User manual QR code

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