InWin 915 Case Review

A Closer Look: Exterior

After spending a little time with the 915, you can see that its design was extremely thought out and a huge emphasis on quality materials. Both the front and back panels are made from 3mm anodized aluminum and the top includes a diamond cut bezel which is just stunning. Both the front and back panels are made from tempered glass with an aluminum bottom to help protect it from accidental drops.

To remove the tempered glass panel, InWin has included a tool-less mechanized at the top left of case.

At the bottom on the panel included is an InWin logo cutout in the aluminum housing.

On both the front and back panels are spring loaded thumb screws to open them.

The front of the case is a solid curved aluminum panel with a barely noticeable LED strip at the top. The panel itself has a beautiful silver anodized finish and branded InWin in dark gray writing.

After loosening the front panel screws, it can be opened as it hinged on the other side. Once open, there is a removable bracket which can be used to attach up to a 360mm radiator or 3 x 120mm fans. If you wish to install a radiator you have a clearance of 56mm (for 360mm) or 53mm (for 280mm).

The back looks much like the front of the case with the exception of the removal of the 4 thumb screws and the bottom panel InWin logo. One difference is the “InWin” silkscreen that is applied to the entire tempered glass panel.

Taking a closer look at the back panel InWin has added some flare with InWin being silkscreened in multiple sizes and directions. This doesn’t only look great it also has the added benefit to help hide your wires at the back of the case.

Going to the back of 915 you have some exhaust ventilation and cabling cutouts.

Inspecting one of the cutouts you can see that the panel is made from a solid piece of 3mm aluminum

Opening the back, you now have access to the I/O which also includes a vertical GPU mount. At the top of the case is a motor assembly that raises and lowers the heat vents.

The top of the case features a curved front IO and a tempered glass center which raises and lowers the heat vents. These vents automatic raise with the computer is powered on and then also lower once shut down.

The front contours the curve and the I/O consists of:

  • Multifunction button that can be used to manually raise and lower the vent as well as can control the front LEDs
  • Headphone and mic jacks
  • Power button
  • USB 3.0 ports
  • USB-C port
  • Reset button

You can totally remove the top vent if you wish to install any radiators/fans in the roof.

Just like the front of the case InWin also includes a removable bracket.

Putting the case on its side, you can access the 2 magnetic fields located on the bottom of the case. To remove these filters, you’re required to either set the case on its side or tilt it enough to give your hand enough room.

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