InWin 915 Case Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

When shopping for a high-end case you’re often looking for something that has excellent build quality, is highly customizable and that has wow factor, the InWin 915 has this in spades. The moment I took the box off the 915, my eyes were drawn to its curved aluminum body and sparkly silver finish. Once I start building in the case, it was apparent that every feature/design choice was well thought out and was executed flawlessly. Some of the standout features for me were the removable fan/radiator mounts, expandable PSU bay, full length PSU shroud and the motorized heat vents. The build quality and choice of materials are phenomenal, the 3mm exterior aluminum in combination of the 1.5mm steel in the interior make for a very rigid case. The only drawback to building in 915 would be its sheer weight, especially with a full build. But this can be forgiven as that’s the price you pay for quality construction. If you’re in the market for a top of the line case that really stands out from the crowd, the InWin 915 just might be for you. 

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