IROCKS K71M Mechanical RGB Keyboard Review

RGB Feature in IROCKS K71M Mechanical Keyboard

The first thing I noticed was the weight of this keyboard. Compared to what I’ve been using, this one has some considerable weight to it for a keyboard. Granted, you won’t struggle lifting or moving it, but it is noticeably heavier than a membrane keyboard. Installation was a breeze. Give it a USB port, attach the USB-C cable to the back of the keyboard, and you’re off and running. Windows 10 recognizes the keyboard right away, but if you prefer, IROCKS makes software to configure the K71M.

I’ve admitted before that I’m sort of a sucker when it comes to LEDs. The initial light pattern was cool. I was impressed at how bright the RGB LEDs are. As I admitted in my Be Quiet! Case review, I know it doesn’t add functionality, but it is a fun feature to have.

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