Kingston 64GB Gold microSD UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3) Card Review


There is a special admiration to the people that come up with the different ways things are packaged now-a-days.  This particular Kingston MicroSD Card with standard adapter comes in a tamperproof combination of thick paper wrapping with an internal blister type clam shell packaging.

You will need a nice pair of small shears that can be best to open these.  Any other way of cutting this open is not recommended by me or by Pro Clockers. 

Overall the inner plastic packaging is accessed once you cut the top of the packaging and then splitting the paper apart to get to the inner plastic shell that affixed inside the paper.

We had a problem with keeping the internal cardboard together, as you can see. I think this could just be the nature of the beast trying to keep cost down and having a very difficult to open package.

The inside opens like a clam shell.  But you will probably have to tear the heavy-duty paper that wraps it.

The packaging is good but I hate the fact I can’t open it as well as I could open their thumb drive.  I might want to save the package you know?  Maybe it’s a cost thing? Yeah.  It’s all that way so super paper to the rescue.  Good Job Kingston for great packaging for the Kingston SDCG/64GB.  It’s lightweight and almost waterproof and they say it hangs well in the store.

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