Kingston 64GB Gold microSD UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3) Card Review


Tested:  Kingston SDHC 64GB
Form Factor:  Micro SD
Accessories: Micro SD to Standard SD card Adapter
Advertised Speed Read: 90MB/s            
Advertised Speed Read: 45MB/s

Computer Testing equipment will be completed with an
i7 5930K / LGA 2011v3 Custom Desktop w/ 32 GB of RAM
and a Gigabyte x99 Motherboard.
Interface Testing Equipment is the Kingston (FCR-HS4) via USB 3.0.

We did the 8 Rounds of for a better Average Number. 

Below are the 8 combined CrystalDiskMark 5.2.1 x64 Scores.

The Kingston SDCG/64GB

Average Read Speed:  94.39MB/s

Average Write Speed:  44.2MB/s

Top Tested Read Speed:  95.13 MB/s

Top Tested Write Speed: 45.98 MB/s

Mechanically: Both the SD Card and the adapter is very tightly built are advertised to be X-Ray Proof, water resistant, and shock proof.  Kingston built a very durable card for this speed card considering the ways it can be used out in reality.

Overall the Kingston SDCG 64GB has stayed within specs of the cards advertised performance and great for camera’s adapted for this format and speed.

The Fill’er up Test.  Which is transferring 52.5 GB of media files to the disk from my desktop and timing how long it takes to transfer that 52.5 GB to the Kingston SDCG/64GB via Card reader plugged into a USB 3.0 connection. At full transfer speed from desktop to the Kingston SDCG/64GB it took this card 34 minutes and 7 Seconds to transfer that 52.5GB file of media.

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