Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2 Review

Final Thoughts on Kingston’s DataTraveler Elite G2 Flash Drive

With combined averages of 249.96MB/s write and 93.89MB/s read between all benchmarks, it’s undeniable that the DataTraveler Elite G2 performed great. With 128GB of storage, I can pair a robust physical storage device with my cloud services to keep what I need with me at all times. With a shock and water-resistant metal casing, it’s nice not to have to worry about breaking another plastic housed flash drive and moving my data to a new flash drive.

Overall, the Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2 128GB flash drive performed well and was quite impressive. With pricing around $55 USD at the time of this writing, I wouldn’t call this a value flash drive, but considering you’re getting a robust metal housing that’s also shock and water-resistant, it’s worth the investment. I would feel comfortable recommending it to anyone looking for a high-quality, high-capacity flash drive for daily personal or professional use.

Product support page:

ProClockers would like to thank Kingston for providing this sample for our review.


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