Kingston HyperX Savage Flash Drive Review

Final Thoughts on the HyperX Savage Flash Drive


Let’s compare those numbers to my Crucial BX500 240GB Internal SSD.


My Crucial BX 500 managed 543.1MB/s read, and 372.0MB/s write on the SEQ1M Q8T1 test, which simulates 8 sequential operations at once utilizing a single thread. This simulates moving large files such as photos or videos from the drive to a PC, saving a burst of photos from your DSLR to the card, or writing a continuous video file to the drive.

When testing using Anvil’s Storage Utilities, we find very similar numbers to those that we found when benchmarking with Crystal Disk Mark. Sequential 4MB file operations averaged to 308.89MB/s while sequential write operations averaged to 309.18MB/s.

The results from ATTO were within the same range of the previous two tests, with 4MB sequential read speeds averaging out to 361.41 MB/s and write speeds averaged to 31.49MB/s.

As you can see from the test results, the HyperX 64GB performed equal to my internal system SSD.  Quite impressive for a flash drive. If you’re in the market for a fast flash drive, don’t overlook this one. Available in capacities up to 512GB and read/write speeds equal to a modern SSD, it’s worth considering the HyperX brand.

Product support page:

ProClockers would like to thank HyperX for providing this sample for our review.


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